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We are Supplier & Contractor of All Kinds Of Refractory Products, Fire Bricks, Castables, Ceramic Fibre, Hot Insulation, Acid Proof & Application Jobs

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Phone : 9635066155 ; Email : info@uniraise.co.in

Industrial Furnace Construction - Refractory Lining Installation

Refractory Work, Refractory Lining Work, Refractory Furnace Work, Brick Linings offered by us, is used in different industries for specific purposes. We make available Brick Linings in different shapes and sizes depending on the specific demand of the customer in reasonable price, our Brick Linings remains in too much demand in the market.

We offer Acid Proof Bricks Lining, Epoxy Screed, Epoxy Grouting & Coating, Mastic Powder in wide range in any chemical industries floors, drains, storage & reaction vessels etc.

We do suitable lining to prevent corrosion, normally a membrane is considered for protection.

Refractory Work, A R Mastic Lining, Acid Proof Brick Lining, Epoxy Grouting, Epoxy Screed, Water Proofing etc. are our speciality.

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We help companies to minimize Heat loss

We have extensive experience in erection of Furnaces, Ovens & kilns for various applications. Furnaces erected by us are working in various sites successfully.
We also undertake Refractory and Ceramic Fiber application job for various Industrial Furnaces, Re-heating Furnaces and Ovens Kilns & Boiler etc.
We have done many Acid proofs lining job in battery rooms, acid tanks, floor etc. List of jobs executed by us are enclosed herewith, for your ready reference.
If you have projects where our participation is desired please feel free to contact us.

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Industry Standered & Reliable Services.

Whenever a technology or update is introduced, we are adaptable faster.

Our specialized personnel who have an understanding of your needs, the importance of quality and achieving required results on time.

24/7 super fast support team

Our 24/7 support team always want to help you and answer any questions you have.

We have Refractory Engineers, Chemical Engineers & Mechanical Engineers as our back bone.


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